- D I S C O N T I N U E D -


When we're broken, we shine the brightest.

Deanna Dionne launched Cleveland Street Glass in Spring 2016. She moved to Cleveland in late 2014, when her car was broken into just a week after arriving. But she moved here to focus on her art, and that event stuck in her mind as she experimented with different techniques, and jewelry made from auto glass was born. She is inspired by Cleveland's pride for not only where it's going, but where it came from. It is proud of its grit, for grit is what it's built on.

Wearing a piece of jewelry upcycled from a malicious crime truly embodies a comeback spirit. Wear it as an amulet, and as a reminder that beauty is found from the raw and broken. Hang it in your rear-view mirror as a battle trophy.



2018- Best Of Cleveland, Cleveland Magazine

2018 – Best New Artist, Lakewood Arts Festival

2017 – Most Interesting Person, Cleveland Magazine


Speaking & Television

Myself and my products have appeared on television multiple times. Check out the playlist below to watch some news segments!

New Day Cleveland - Fox8

Good Day Columbus - Fox 28

SPARC Conference - Case Western University