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Street Glass is being discontinued.

If you have been following this project for some time, you may have noticed I've been quiet for about a year. I really struggle with the difficulty of running a creative business in a tenuous economy. And art is very personal. Cleveland Street Glass was truly how I adjusted to my "new normal" of living in an urban environment where my car got broken into often. Now there are new "new normals." And I need the space and time to process how I fit into this new life, and what this new life is.

With that being said, Cleveland Street Glass is being discontinued. While there is some sadness associated with this, it is ultimately a decision that frees me to process my feelings through my art again.

Deanna Dionne

When Deanna moved to Cleveland from Michigan in late 2014, her car was broken into within a week. After noticing car break-ins were so common, she started collecting the glass and experimenting with creating jewelry and sculpture. Cleveland Street Glass launched in Spring 2016. 

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Jewelry with a Story

Layered with metaphors, the jewelry speaks to finding positives within the negative, displaying resilience, and how beauty exists in the broken. 

At times we may feel unrepairable,

but the ability to embrace our scars and flaws is a powerful accomplishment. This jewelry serves as a reminder of self-acceptance.

A talisman of fortitude.

Strength can always be found in our actions, no matter how we may have been violated.