SPARC talk on YouTube

I was invited to speak at a student-run conference called SPARC (Science, Politics, Art, Research, Culture), which is a Ted-style format of 15-minute talks in succession at Case Western University. I bounced around for a while on what I would discuss, when I finally settled on examining the question I get all the time, “how did you think of this?”

It’s a bigger answer than the one I usually give (“my car was broken into a week after I moved to Cleveland, but I came here to focus on my art, and one thing led to another…”). I called my talk, “Open eyes, open mind.”

An introduction to my work and process:

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I recounted how excited I felt when I took a bus from Detroit to San Diego, discovering America, and how people responded so positively. My eyes were so open, taking everything in. When I returned home I tried to capture that same feeling. 

That’s when we notice details in the everyday, like glass in the street. Furthermore, our perspectives change how we view these things. I moved to Cleveland for art, so I was seeing art in everything.

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Look at the details all around you. Get macro. Then open your mind to take every day to the next level. You don’t know where it may lead you.